Lab Coat: LX1-K (ESD)

Lab Coat ESD TW Clean Garments: LX1-K

– Single path, knee length
– Military collar with snaps (2M) (2F)
– Raglan sleeves
– Snaps (1M) at center top of collar facing inward
– Double fly stiffener on both sides of placket
– Snaps (1M) at each side of hip seam to connect with conductive tape inside seam
РDouble cuff, gray conductive ESD knit cuff inner,  elastic outer
– Conductive tape inside back seam connected with center top collar for single ground connection
– At side seam on both sides the garment inside the bias seam in the conductive tape ESD is connected on the knit cuff & outer cover continued to back seam raglan, back neck & continued to back center seam
– Over-lock all edges with conductive thread

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